The Friendly Patch: Last Call Patch - Travel 8 Pack

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The Last Call Patch from The Friendly Patch is an innovative late-night-out patch designed to help deal with the aftermath of a night of fun. This powerful patch contains a unique blend of natural ingredients that work together to bring on the new day.

The key ingredient in the Last Call Patch is Vine Tea (10mg).

The Vine Tea and caffeine in the Last Call Patch are a group of essential ingredients that work well together. Artichoke Leaf Extract is another natural ingredient.

Milk Thistle Extract is a well-known herbal extract used for centuries.

Finally, L-Menthol Natural is a natural ingredient that provides a nice smell.

Together, these natural ingredients work synergistically. Apply the Last Call Patch to clean, dry skin before bed or wear it in the morning to wake up feeling refreshed and revitalized, ready to take on the day. Peel, stick, and enjoy the day!

Vine Tea - (10mg)
Caffeine (8mg)
Artichoke Leaf Extract (2mg)
Milk Thistle Extract (2mg)
L-Menthol Natural (2mg)
Green Tea Extract (2mg)

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