About Source & Self

Darcee's Story

Being an artist, entrepreneur and an explorer at heart, my appreciation and connection to the natural world has always been the guiding force of my spirit and inspiration. I am excited to create a business that inspires people in a visceral way, making them more connected to each other and the universe. Through shared values and responsibility, we have defined a new standard of clean formulation in our industry by going above and beyond the current bar for “clean” ingredients. There are over 1,000 ingredients we won’t use in our boxes. We vet every single product, both natural and synthetic, against the Source & Self standard -using only those which do not harm humans, animals, or the environment. We are a company that strives to source clean ingredients for a better future. 

The universe can be quite generous at times. And it’s in these moments we feel most alive…

Sustainable, From the Heart.

We are committed to doing the right thing by choosing to do what’s good for all, rather than what’s best for us. We built our brand and our business from the heart, with kindness, empathy, and compassion for  customers, our cause, and everyone we work with.

In our precious world, we are the guardians of our planet and we pave the way for future generations. Every day at Source & Self, we drive our team to continually look for ways to consider sustainability at every stage of the product development process. Our commitment to sustainability spans across every aspect of our business, from our packaging to products to fabric selection, right through to our everyday office lifestyles.

“We act in good conscience as a business and as people. There are several ways we work to reduce our environmental impact and we will continue to work in this direction as our business grows.”

Ethically Eco-Sourced

We eco-source with three pillars in mind: economic, environmental and social. The fact that we consider these at every stage of our product’s life cycle provides our customers with peace of mind.

Our commitment to prioritizing sustainable practices and ethical trade with our suppliers, supply chains and all aspects of our production is at the forefront of our business.


This is not an add on. A percentage of every purchase is also a donation to charities all around the world.

Join our mailing list, where all our social projects are updated in real time. Source & Self believes in giving back to our community.

We are committed to making conscious changes that are ethical, empowering, and effective. As an international brand dedicated to uniting cultures and promoting wellness, we are working to make the world a more balanced and thoughtful place, together.