Rbel Bee Sweets: Rbel Bee Honey Gummies - Wild Child Cherry

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Honey | Sour Cherry | Blue Oyster Mushroom

Your old fruit chews wish they tasted this good. It’s like a maraschino cherry with benefits.

Functional Ingredients:

Finally, candy that does more than satisfy your sweet tooth. We created these delicious candies with healthy ingredients like raw honey, sour cherries and blue oyster mushrooms (they taste sweet and are a natural source of protein, fiber, thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, B6, and Vitamin D2. They also contain amino acids known for brain, heart, and liver health).

These functional foods provide benefits far beyond their nutritional value so you can feel good about EATING THE WHOLE BAG! No guilt—just HEALTHY CANDY It's about time!


Alfalfa honey, Allulose syrup, Allulose, Water, Tapioca syrup, Pectin, Blue oyster mushroom, Tart cherry extract, Citric acid.

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