Pohala Pure Polynesia: Vanilla of Tonga & Hawaiian Ginger

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Our delightful Vanilla of Tonga and Hawaiian Ginger blend in its best possible quality. Experience this amazing fusion of two Polynesian culture cousins!

The Polynesian islands of the Tongan Kingdom are one of the largest producers of Vanilla, which is actually an orchid plant. Ginger, known in Hawai’i as Awapuhi, is one of the most common flora in the islands!

Vanilla is a spiced orchid found all over Polynesia. We've garnered this magical variety from our Tongan cousins in the south. Ginger is perhaps one of the most abundant flowers in the Hawaiian archipelago. It gives a mature, sweet and exotic aroma which compliments vanilla.  

Anoint your body and/or alters, talismans or add to bath water for a deeply spiritual experience.

Vanilla and Ginger are great play mates!  Vanilla is mellow, classic, and mature with a soft sweet zest while Hawaiian Ginger is playful, fun, excitable, and engaging.  Blended together they create a healthy balance between being outrageous and mindful!

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