Lope Aegyptiaca Cleansing Oil

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A Natural Skincare Junky's dream! This wild botanical cleansing oil is versatile as it cleanses, nourishes, moisturizes and contains high quality diosgenin from the Desert Date Tree, which is your new anti-aging secret. Shake it up well, as the good stuff settles and we chose not to add an emulsifier as it changed the feel.

It contains a saponins, a naturally occurring cleanser in the Desert Date Tree, which gently cleanses. 

Recommended Usage:

  • Apply a dime sized amount on dry skin, when make-up has been removed and use "Oil Cleansing method.  More on the Oil cleansing method below. We suggest this is only necessary at night, however if you prefer to also wash in the morning, go right ahead.
    • Can also be used as a Face oil - Just apply and go.  It absorbs very fast and goes on dry. 


    • You will need to shake vigorously to combine on first use.  We chose not to add any emulsifiers that would otherwise change the product texture and performance.  So you will have to build up a bit of muscle giving it a shake. Each day after, should just be an easy 20 sec shake to combine.  


    Desert Date Oil (Balanites Aegyptiaca Oil); Desert Date Seed kernel (Balanites Aegyptiaca kernel), Shea Nilotica Butter (Vitellaria Nilotica) Acacia Gum (Acacia Senegal) 

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