Karma And Luck Pristine Companion - Citrine Pyrite Wrap Bracelet

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The only way to connect with your soul is meditation, but the challenge is how to set the focus. A mala sets the right rhythm for mediation and helps you soothe your soul. The “Pristine Companion - Citrine Pyrite Wrap Bracelet” works both ways as a necklace and bracelet. The Pyrite Stone brings clarity and prosperity, while a Citrine will help you stay happy and joyous. This combination of stones ensures the wearer has a cheerful, balanced life of abundance. 

  • 6 mm Citrine Stones: happiness, joy, light.
  • 6mm Pyrite Stones: prosperity, clarity, protection.
  • 6 mm Jade Stone: abundance, success, prosperity, cleansing stone.
  • 925 Sterling Silver Charm.
  • 4 x Wrap Bracelet/Mala Necklace.
  • Length: 33.5".
  • Culture: Handmade in Bali, Indonesia.

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