Cheeky Bonsai: Bye Bye UTI Drink Mix

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Cheeky Bonsai Bye Bye UTI is a superb blend of ingredients that unlocks the power of D-mannose and cranberry to eliminate bad bacteria from your urinary tract. It also boosts antioxidants and electrolytes. Take one packet daily if you get recurring UTIs or whenever you need extra support.


CONVENIENT. Single-serving stick packs for urinary tract support on the go


NATURAL HIBISCUS LEMONADE FLAVOR. Refreshing and delicious with good-for-you ingredients


SUPERBLEND OF INGREDIENTS. Made with premium ingredients, including D-Mannose, cranberry, antioxidants, and electrolytes to balance your urinary tract


CLEAN INGREDIENTS & SUGAR-FREE. We use plant-based ingredients with no artificial flavors — gluten-free and vegan.

We take clean living very seriously.

The products that we stock with have been carefully screened and vetted against our banned ingredients list to ensure that it is free of toxins, ethically-sourced and made with love.

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