4 Ideas for Staying Connected - Relationship Rituals

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A critical component of a healthy relationship is communication. It's always important to stay connected, but it's especially important during times of stress and change—which is pretty much every day for many people! Here are some ideas for how you can stay connected as we enter the new year:

Create a morning ritual.

In creating a morning ritual, you can connect to the other person in a natural way. It's as if you're sharing your day with them, even though they might be miles away. A daily ritual gives both of you something to look forward to and helps create positive feelings about each other at the start of each day.

If you're looking for ideas on how to make a morning ritual work for your relationship, here are some ideas:

  • Wake up early and leave a kind note behind. The note could say anything from "I love you," "Good morning," or even "Hope I don't wake up too early." The point is that this will make the other person feel special when they wake up!
  • If this a person you wake up together, hold hands for five minutes without saying anything—just let those who haven't woken yet hear how close and warm it sounds outside their door...
Make eye contact and smile.
  • Make eye contact and smile. Looking someone in the eye requires you to use your brain, which is great for staying focused on what’s happening to them. Smiling positively affects both of you: it makes people feel good and helps them relax their facial muscles to express emotions more easily. If you smile at strangers, they may smile back (which will make you feel even better). And if someone else smiles at you, it may encourage more social behavior from that person—maybe even an invitation to join them!

You can even smile at yourself in a mirror to get the ball rolling. The more you practice, the better you’ll get at it, and the more effective it will help you connect with people.

Say, "I love you."
  • Say it every day to those you love. 
  • Don't say it to get something from the other person - that's manipulative, which is not loving!
Ask, "How can I help?" Takeaway: When you practice healthy relationship rituals, you can maintain connection in relationships over the long-term
  • There are many ways that you can practice healthy relationship rituals.
  • Ask, "How can I help?" Takeaway: When you practice healthy relationship rituals, you can maintain connections in relationships over the long term. Asking, "How can I help?" is a great way to show others that they're important to you and that you care about their well-being. You may ask this question out loud or over the phone, but it's also possible to ask it silently in your mind and heart when someone else needs support or comfort during difficult times.

It doesn't matter if the person is someone who lives far away from you (like a friend who recently moved away), a relative whom you haven't seen in ages (like an uncle who lives overseas) or someone who lives nearby but who hasn't been around much lately (like your neighbor). Don't be afraid to reach out—they'll appreciate it!

In our busy lives, it’s easy to lose ourselves in the daily grind and forget about our relationships. But by consciously keeping up with your friends and family, you can build stronger connections and lead happier lives. The best part is these ideas don’t have to cost anything—just some time and consideration.

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