The Friendly Patch: The Essentials Pack - Boost, Zen, Snooze, Shield - 8 pack

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The life essentials vitamins are important whether you need an energy boost, Zen peace, or sleep, our Essential Pack has you covered, and we’re sticking to that! Get your Friendly Patch fix all at once with our living essentials Pack! Powerful, plant-powered support lasting up to 12 hours with our Boost, Shield, Zen, and Snoozzze patches—all in one convenient variety pack with important life essential packs.

Each package contains 8 patches (2 of each variety). The Friendly Patch products are WERCSmart Certified to ensure formulation ingredients and consumer safety compliance. This 3rd party program represents a safety commitment to our customers and our environment. These Plant-Powered patches are made in USA without carriers, no fillers, no artificial flavors, no GMO’s. Designed for long wear, it's easy to put on and provides 8-12 hours of continuous benefits, thanks to its time-release technology. Experience effortless comfort with our health patches.

Boost for all-day energy

Caffeine (20 mg)
Guarana Extract 22% (4 mg)
Green Tea Extract (1 mg)
Boost Blend (5mgs.)
Green Coffee Extract (1 mg.)
Orange Citrus Fragrance Oil (1 mg.)
Agmatine Sulfate (2 mg)
Shield for wellness support

Zinc Picolinate (3 mg)
C (3 mg)
D3 (2 mg)
Pterostilbene (10 mg)
Oregano Oil (1 mg.)
Snoozzze for restful sleep

Magnesium BHB (4 mg)
Melatonin (7 mg)
Ashwagandha (5 mg)
L-Tryptophan (3 mg)
Lavender Oil (1 mg)
Zen for stress relief

Ashwagandha (8.5 mg)
Gaba (4 mg)
Gotu Kola (4.5 mg)
L-theanine (2 mg)
Hop Flower Power (1 mg)
Magnesium BHB (1 mg)
Eucalyptus Oil (1 mg)

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