The Friendly Patch: Snooze Melatonin Sleep Patches - Travel 8 Pack

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Experience restful nights wherever you go with our best-selling Melatonin Sleep Patch in a convenient Travel Pack. Specially formulated to aid in a good night's sleep, this innovative patch is infused with 7mg of melatonin, a good snooze regulator.

This patch contains a blend of key ingredients, including Ashwagandha, Magnesium BHB, and Valerian Root, working in harmony for relaxation and enhance your snooze quality.

Designed for those on the move, our Travel Pack ensures that you can enjoy the benefits of a deep and rejuvenating sleep, even when away from home. The patch is easy to apply, and delivers the sleep aid effortlessly through its time-release technology.

With The Friendly Patch's commitment to quality, our Melatonin Sleep Patch is 3rd party WERCSmart Certified, assuring the highest safety standards for our users. These Plant-Powered products are made in the USA without carriers, no fillers, no artificial flavors, no GMO’s.Say goodbye to restless nights and embrace the tranquility of a peaceful sleep with our best-selling Melatonin Sleep Patch - the perfect travel companion for a well-deserved rest.

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