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Power Up gets you going and keeps you going

Fuel your performance with Power Up pre-workout gummies. Controlled-release carbohydrates boost and prolong energy levels, and the blend of active ingredients helps jump-start your workout to keep you going stronger longer.

These gummies are easily digestible and won’t upset your stomach like other chews and gels. Power Up and get more out of your training with the right fuel.

Accelerate your recovery

What you do immediately after a workout is critical for long-term performance. Recover post-workout gummies rapidly recharge your muscles, so you can recover faster. The combination of active ingredients supports muscle synthesis, facilitates energy storage, repairs muscle cells, and reduces soreness. Recover faster and maximize your training with Recover post-workout gummies.


  • Power Up: Controlled-release caffeine raises and sustains mental focus
  • Power Up: Carbohydrate complex rapidly raises and sustains energy
  • Power Up: Ginseng improves endurance
  • Power Up: Prebiotics prevent gut rot typical of other energy chews and gels
  • Recover: Vitamin B complex facilitates energy storage
  • Recover: BCAA blend supports muscle growth
  • Recover: Complementary carbohydrate complex rapidly recharges muscle cells

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