Pohala Wild Maile Vine Enfleurage Oil Roller

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This or anyone wishing to enhance their skills of communication and expression. Also perfect for those wishing to shield against bad energy.

Suggested use: As a cologne or perfume with a floral smell, as a therapy message, and as a spiritual support for meditation. 

More about the product:

This botanical greatly enhances our capacity to direct and receive our affections and intent, and ensures this is done with great clarity.  This is also why many hula dancers will grace themselves with Maile during performance. Because of this, Maile is the lā’au lapa’au (botanical medicine) of Expression.  

In ancient lore it was Maile whose fragrance activated the human beings ability to radiate.  As the vine, the Maile crawled its way to the un-inspired, near robotic human, and infused him with Kaona, or meaning.

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