Pohala Pure Le(MU)ria Oil Roller

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Pure Le(MU)ria: Laua’e Fern of Kaua’i and Wild Pala’ā is an oil for those who are leaders or with high stress positions, those who influence large groups of people, those who are artists, musicians, and performers. All such professions or hobbies require the expression of a message or lesson which must be effective and free from false ego or manipulations.

Suggested use: As a cologne or perfume for both women and men, as a therapy message, and as a spiritual support for meditation and deeper states of consciousness, accessing the inward self.

More about the product:

Many esoterics have claimed the islands of Kaua'i and Maui hold incredibly powerful Mū energy, residual frequencies from the lost continent of “Lemuria.”.  If, indeed, the Hawaiian Islands are the exposed mountain peaks of this sacred time, then the plant species which have thrived here since pre-contact are the survivors of that great culture.   

Laua’e Ferns aroma has been compared to Maile Vine and Laurel Leaf, and the Kaua’i variety includes pine and evergreen undertones which makes it extremely unique in the fern community.

Pala’ā Fern is a flora fern, meaning it has a sweet scent when dried and distilled. The combination of these two brilliant species creates perfect balance between the masculine and feminine.  Laua'e is traditionally a masculine energy, while Pala’ā is ruled by the feminine. 

Laua'e Fern allows one to feel and acknowledge beauty, and because it holds a masculine resonance, it is extremely powerful and effective for men as well as women.

Pala’ā Fern's Principle is Conception, and because of this the interaction will insight deeper feelings of creativity, as well as putting plans, dreams, and intentions into action transporting energies from the ethereal/spiritual into the plain of matter (your reality).

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