Katari Beauty- Rosehip Oil Vitamin A and C (retinol alternative) 100% pure30 ml amphora w/cork

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Rosehip Oil is the nature's answer to retinol, minus the side effects and guilt. This Vitamin A and C rich oil doesn't just reduce wrinkles; it sends them packing, saying, "Adios, signs of aging!"

This oil is so pure, it could probably qualify for sainthood. Extracted from the finest stock (the dried petals and fruit of the rosebush plant), it won't just reduce your wrinkles, it will make them think they never existed. And it does all this without the harshness of retinol. It's like getting a spa facial, but without the cucumber slices and Enya playing in the background.

Who needs Photoshop when you've got Rosehip Oil and can bid farewell to wrinkles the natural way!

100% cold-pressed rosehip oil (from dried petals & fruit of rosehip bush)

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