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Clear skin is all about balance, pH balance that is. When skin is over-dried by products that contain alcohol or other ingredients that can throw pH off, skin reacts. And when pH is off, the acne bacteria loves it too and feels very happy, but your skin does not. We assembled four indispensable natural ingredients to keep pH in check and bacteria at bay, and as a bonus, shrink pores, smooth skin and get that glow back! This kit has enough product to last you well over a month and to show your skin that is can get healthy and clear naturally.


This kit contains:

- Hoba: Hypoallergenic cleanser and moisturizer

- Argil: pH-neutral skin & pore refining and cleansing green clay masque. 

- Roseau: Toning anti-bacterial rose water toner

- Black Seed Oil: Anti-microbial oil to combat acne and skin ailments

- Black linen makeup bag.

- Accessories to use the products: Hand-blown glass mixing bowl, olive wood mixing and application spatula, and a clear straw to use as an oil dropper.

Argil Green Clay, Jojoba Oil, Black Seed Oil, Rose Water - fresh, naturally potent & preservative-free

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