Father's Day Signature Collection 2024

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Give Dad our curated box of luxury goods, so he can indulge in a moment of relaxation.

Father's Day Signature Collection 2024 includes 9 luxurious products:

  • Gold Ash Tray: Great for incents or a fine cigar.
  • Formulary 55 Sea Mineral Sparkling Bath Tablet: Sea Mineral is a mix of 8 different essential oils that when combined remind us of the sea. Main notes are petitgrain, rosemary, and lavender making for a very fresh, slightly green blend with a slight briny herbal finish.
  • Clean Age Fresh Deodorant: A hint of fresh air and a slice of melon give Fresh some serious staying power. This subtle scent is right for anyone who wants the end of the day to smell as good as the start.
  • Walton Wood Farm Men Don't Stink Body Wash & Shampoo: Streamline your routine without compromising on effectiveness. "Men Don't Stink" is the ultimate two-in-one solution, designed to cleanse both body and hair effortlessly. Simplify your grooming rituals while maintaining the impeccable standards you deserve.
  • Walton Wood Farm "The Gentleman" Hand Rescue: Well-mannered hands have a softer touch, and this super hydrating 4oz hand rescue with citrus and mahogany adds an extra touch of class.
  • Walton Wood Farm Hair Texture Paste: We think great hair shouldn't be crunchy, greasy, or an assault on the senses - it's not cologne, people! This unscented texture hair paste offers the perfect combination of hold and style, without all the extras. Handy 2 oz size is carry-on luggage friendly, yet long-lasting.
  • Commonwealth Provisions Incense Cones: Inspired by one of our favorite pastimes of sitting around a campfire on a cool fall evening.Notes of pine, smoke, and hickory.
  • HUM Uber Energy: This potent blend of adaptogens + B vitamins for energy helps support cognitive function and energy for better productivity. Natural energy through adrenal support.
  • Walton Wood Farm Men Don't Stink Soap: New 6.35oz Size, same great Warm Amber Spice scent. Don’t be a pig! The same great bar in a smaller size. Comes recyclable paper-wrapped instead of boxed. Made with Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, and Apricot Seed.

We take clean living very seriously.

The products that we stock with have been carefully screened and vetted against our banned ingredients list to ensure that it is free of toxins, ethically-sourced and made with love.

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