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You Dew You is a skin-calming, anti-inflammatory blend that helps soothe skin conditions like acne, rosacea, and eczema.


The herbs in You Dew You have natural antibacterial and antioxidant properties that help address skin conditions that are bacterial in nature. It also helps clear unwanted toxins more efficiently from the body for a clearer complexion.


You Dew You contains the vibrant hued flower, hibiscus, known for its exceptional antioxidant content. Contains two beauty-boosting adaptogens, cordyceps and chaga, to promote a youthful glow from the inside out.


You Dew You has a floral and earthy flavor that comes from the combination of hibiscus, chaga mushrooms, and cordyceps mushrooms.


Add 1 tsp to smoothies, sparkling water with lemon, or warm water. The cordyceps in You Dew You is somewhat energy-boosting (although caffeine-free), so those who are highly sensitive should consume this blend before 3pm.


Firm Believer, Seal The Deal or Schisandra Berry.

Hibiscus plants are often intercropped with peanuts and occasionally fragments of peanut shells are present in the powder. Caution for individuals with severe peanut allergies. We do not have any tree nuts/peanuts besides coconut in our products, but some of our herbs from our suppliers are processed in the same facility that also processes tree nuts. There is a chance of cross-contamination at the facilities where some of our herbs are sourced from before we receive them.


We take clean living very seriously.

The products that we stock with have been carefully screened and vetted against our banned ingredients list to ensure that it is free of toxins, ethically-sourced and made with love.

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