Minimo Perk Whipped Coffee Body Scrub

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But first, coffee... scrub! Perk up your shower routine with a decadent vegan scrub that wakes the senses and preps your skin and body for the day’s surprises. Minimo's "Perk" Whipped Coffee Body Scrub utilizes a power combo of ground coffee and dark brown sugar, backed with skin-penetrating botanical extracts like Gingko Biloba and Macadamia Nut Oil to gently slough dead skin cells and make way for fresh collagen production. Perfect for all skin types, the premium proprietary blend targets breakouts, scarring, dark spots, discoloration, cellulite and stretch marks for visibly firmer and brighter skin. With your hands or a sponge, lather Perk’s rich and creamy concoction then massage target areas in a circular motion to let the power of coffee flow through your senses. Step out of an invigorating shower with renewed confidence and visibly firmer, brighter, smoother skin!

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