Captodor 3 in 1 Ultra Shower Gel

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CAPTODOR® Shower Gel can be used for all your shoer needs! This shower gel is designed for body, hair, and face. Its unique formula provides you with an overwhelming sense of well-being, thanks to its soothing and moisturizing properties. Developed for daily use, its moisturizing and hydrating properties nourish skin. CAPTODOR® Shower Gel eliminates odors caused by exercise and sports and is pH balanced for healthy skin.


CAPTODOR® Shower Gel unique formula provides you an overwhelming sense of well-being. Specially developed in our laboratory for a daily use, its moisturizing and hydrating properties nourish skin and its pH balanced for healthy skin. It is a biodegradable product that is safe for users and the environment.

Keep this shower gel in your bag at all times so that you can be sure that you will smell and feel good after every game and practice. One of the most important post game and practice necessities is your shower wash. Save yourself some time and space in your bag by using this 3 in 1 shower gel. It is the perfect solution for those athletes who want to stay fresh and clean after each workout.

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