Anima Mundi Catuaba Bark Powder: Wild Aphrodisiac Superpowder

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Catuaba is a legendary Brazilian Aphrodisiac plant first used by the Tupi Indians, with many songs composed over the last few centuries praising its' wonders and abilities. They believe that Catuaba has bestowed them with extraordinarily large genitals and a powerful sexual ability - it is for this reason they have earned a special nickname, the Elephant Men of the Jungle!

The most active part of the tree is the inner bark. We recommend simmering the inner bark for 5-15 minutes on a low simmer, for a stronger dose. Because it is also water soluble you can also integrate it as a tea, yet the effects won't be as strong. We also recommend making tinctures, and extracting it in alcohol if you're looking to make it into a potion.


Ingredients: Catuaba inner bark powder. Wildcrafted in Peru.

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