Show me Love - Valentine Gift Bundle

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Celebrate love and indulgence with the "Show Me Love - Valentine Gift Bundle," featuring:

  • Alice Mushroom Chocolates: Unwind with a sweet treat that blends the calming effects of mushrooms, perfect for a restful evening.
  • Pohala Pure Polynesia: Enhance your culinary experience with rich, aromatic flavors of Vanilla from Tonga and zesty Hawaiian Ginger.
  • Apotheke Charcoal Mini Tin Candle: Set a tranquil mood with this mini tin candle, offering a deep, smoky scent that soothes the senses.
  • Vegobears - Malibu: Enjoy these vegan gummy bears, a delightful blend of taste and health, making it a guilt-free pleasure.
Designed to enhance your Valentine's Day with luxury, relaxation, and sweetness, each product in this bundle is thoughtfully chosen.

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The products that we stock with have been carefully screened and vetted against our banned ingredients list to ensure that it is free of toxins, ethically-sourced and made with love.

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